An Adventure Begins

Hi!  Welcome to the webpage to document my new adventure.  I hope you will join me as an adventurer.

As a young girl, I knew I wanted to do two things – teach and write.  I achieved the first goal.  I have been a public school educator for over 13 years.  In the past year, I have taken an avid interest in brain development of young children and how teaching them about their brain can make a monumental difference in their lives.  When children internalize that they are in control of their actions and thinking, it can have a profound impact on their academics and behavior.

As I was asked to start doing some professional development on this area, I also implemented some brain training strategies as principal of our school’s summer learning program.  When students, of all backgrounds and academic abilities, began to showcase the brain training we implemented in everyday decision-making, I knew I was on to something special.  The teachers I worked with noticed it too.  We had less behavior referrals and more student ownership of learning than anything we had ever experienced before.

This website is my personal adventure blog.  In its posts and resources, you will find practical strategies of how to teach your own children, or your own classroom of students, that their brain is their buddy.  I hope you share in this adventure with me!

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