Book Series

The first book in the Brain Buddy Adventures series, The Stinky Thinky Tale, is available exclusively on Amazon!

This book tells the story of Petunia the Skunk, who has a hopelessly out of control tail.  The book introduces you to her and other characters in the Brain Buddy Adventure series, along with the loveable, intelligent Mrs. Whooo. The book follows Petunia as she learns about her brain and realizes she CAN control her stinky tail.  This is definitely a tale that will make you think!

The book is designed to be a read aloud with younger elementary children and is perfect for a school or home setting.

I’m so excited about this new adventure!



“5 Stars!  Literature Source for Teachers/Family Reading
This is the original first book in a collection by author Beth Bean and well known illustrator Jeremy Lytle.  It is a one of a kind selection for young readers, an educational resource for teachers, or a book for family reading.  Children love books with animals as characters in a story, and the author wrote a story in which students will be in academic engagement.  The creative and artistic expertise of the illustrator captivates the pages with stylized images and animal perspectives.” 
Book 2:  The Mighty Brighty Tale coming in 2019!  
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